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Our Coffee:
The HEART of it all! We take great pride in serving excellent coffees and coffee drinks. You'll always find a choice of freshly-brewed coffees including our exlusive House Blend, local favorite Snickerdoodle, and a host of specialty and decaf flavors like: Red, White & Blue, Coconut Cream, Pumpkin Spice, and many more -- as well as bold or dark regional blends like Sumatra, Kona, or Ethiopian Yirgacheffe ready to please the most discriminating coffee fan! Feel free to ask us to package your favorite bean to take home with you!

Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino:
We buy the best available Light Italian Espresso beans as the base for our exceptional specialty coffee drinks. Whether you like a straight shot, or a flavored latte with lots of whipped cream, we'll make sure your selection is drawn, frothed, foamed, and mixed in the finest of quality by our skilled baristas. If you don't know a "red-eye" from a "flat white" or a "dry cappuccino" from a "half-caff-skinny latte", just ask our friendly baristas and we'll help you find a a coffee that is sure to please! And if you're calorie or sugar conscious, ask about our huge selection of sugar-free flavors.

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Distinctively excellent coffees, lattes, sandwiches, smoothies,
and wraps and a relaxed, welcoming environment.

Square Bean Coffee, LLC
On the square in Dillsburg:
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